Top 5 Movies With Memorable Roulette Scenes

Movies with Unforgettable Roulette Scenes

When you say casino, roulette is what crosses people’s minds first. It is arguably the most famous casino game, and numerous people play it globally. The game itself originates from the 18th century, and it spread all around the world from France. There are multiple reasons behind its popularity. The rules are very straightforward and easy to understand, the house edge is low, and ultimately, it brings a great thrill. A spinning bowl creates a unique gaming environment, and it perfectly fits a glamorous casino setting.

The drama behind this game has been an inspiration for many movie directors. A spinning roulette wheel provides a big visual excitement while waiting for the ball to stop. Therefore, we witnessed some unforgettable roulette scenes in numerous movies. This is our selection of the top five roulette scenes ever filmed.


Casablanca is one of Hollywood’s classics and one of the best roulette movies. Starred by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and released in 1942, many people consider this movie one of the greatest ever. The storyline is around Bergman, who escapes from the Nazi-occupied city with her husband, while Bogart, the bar owner and her former love, helps her.

The iconic roulette scene involves the two escapees gamble with all the money they have to win enough and get back to America. Rick, a character played by Bogart, tries to set up the game 300 shields and suggests them to bet on the number 22. Eventually, they win enough money to fly away from the German-occupied city of Casablanca.

Diamonds Are Forever

We can hardly find the franchise with more casino scenes than the James Bond movies. The special agent focuses not only on playing roulette, and we can often see him at the blackjack or baccarat tables. The audience saw him in the first casino scene back in 1962, playing chemin de fer game.

However, roulette scenes in Diamonds Are Forever, a movie released in 1971, are among the most famous ones. James Bond, played by Sean Connery, gets involved in intense roulette games in Whyte House Mansion. His unique strategy makes him very successful, while, of course, there is plenty of drama around these scenes.

Indecent Proposal

This movie, which was premiered in 1993, shows the “dark” side of this famous casino game. The storyline is based around the newlywed couple played by Demy Moore and Woody Harrelson. They go to Las Vegas and bet their life savings on a game of roulette. A couple plays on red, but they blow all their savings.

As they get deeper into the trouble, a billionaire played by Robert Ratford shows up with his indecent proposal. He offers $1 million to the couple for spending a night with Demy. As they don’t have too many choices, a couple accepts the offer, but it severely affects their relationship. The excitement around the roulette game and waiting for the ball to land provides an excellent entertainment source in this movie.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

This movie, set in the French Riviera, came out in 1988. Steve Martin and Michael Caine want to trick a rich woman and get all of her money. Of course, these two scoundrels find the French Riviera as the best location for putting in place their plans. They try to impress ladies and take on each other in a roulette game.

A particular scene when Steve Martin pretends to be bounded to a wheelchair and plays a roulette game in an exclusive casino is the landmark of the movie. Since the audience knows what is going on, it makes this scene very funny. Eventually, the storyline turned out to be a huge success and became a part of the famous musical.

Run Lola Run

The Hollywood movies are famous for roulette scenes, but the German masterpiece Run Lola Run deservedly found the place in this list. This film was premiered in 1998, starring Franka Potente. It is a thriller that involves romance, and the storyline is focused on the main character Lola.

As her boyfriend fell into great debt, she tries to save his life by paying out everything he owes. She heads to the casino, and the roulette table will decide her and her boyfriend’s fate. She puts her 100-mark chip on the number 22, and the audience can feel the tension while waiting for the ball to stop. The scene is remarkable since not only the money is on the stake. And when she eventually wins, it makes the scene even more amazing.

The glamour and visual elements make movies and roulette a perfect match. We wouldn’t be surprised to see roulette-themed scenes even more in the upcoming titles.

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