The Top 4 Anime Online Resources

 The Top 4 Anime Online Resources

Japanese film animations, mostly known as anime, are ideal for family viewing because of four principal reasons. The first one is that they are inspirational. You can relate to anime characters as well in addition to gaining some valuable insights from them. Moreover, anime helps you learn Japanese. Anime is becoming more and more popular throughout Japan and the Western world. In Japan alone, the anime industry is worth $17.7 billion. The success of anime in the West indicates that the market for anime productions is almost insatiable. Anime enthusiasts in this global market access anime through various mediums including theater releases, TV stations, and online resources. Here are the top 4 anime online resources. 

This anime site is the number one online resource for anime for several reasons. One of them is that it has a broad range of productions that you can stream. divides these productions into twenty categories including comedy, Sci-Fi, and history. Additionally, has special forums where discussions are possible. These forums are helpful for fans, producers, writers, and distributors. More specifically, they can talk about the best features in the productions in addition to suggesting improvements in upcoming productions. More importantly, has news articles focusing on the latest work by the most talented creators in the industry. That means you will receive the latest anime news before other enthusiasts get it.


9Anime is also an ideal online resource for anime. For example, it contains several genres. They include common categories such as action, adventure, and history in addition to unique ones such as horror, parody, and vampire. Another interesting feature on 9Anime is that you can view its schedule of anime programming. Doing so helps you plan your activities well so that you do not miss your favorite anime production. You can send a request as well if there is an anime production that you cannot find on the site. The administrators of the site will look for it and then they will add it to their database if it is possible for them to do so. Unfortunately, 9Anime contains many ads including pop-up advertisements.


GoGoAnime has ads on its site as well. However, these ads are not as prominent as they are on 9Anime. That means you can navigate through the site without running into many popup ads or banners. Unfortunately, the search feature on GoGoAnime is rudimentary. More specifically, GoGoAnime has a vast database of anime productions, but it does not arrange them categorically. Consequently, finding a production focusing on a particular genre is a challenging exercise if you are looking for it on this site. In other words, GoGoAnime is only useful when you know the name of the production that you want to watch.


KissAnime is similar to GoGoAnime in some ways. For example, it contains a long list of productions. You can find the series or film you are looking for by searching for it alphabetically. Sorting this list by popularity, the latest updates, new anime, or upcoming anime is also possible. However, KissAnime has a list of genres as well unlike GoGoAnime. These genres include dementia, military, and harem. Others are police, magic, and kids. Having categories facilitates the discovery of quality anime in your preferred genres. Unfortunately, KissAnime has many prominent ads on the site as compared to the other online resources for anime. These ads can be annoying especially when you are looking for something to watch.


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