5 Most Successful Telugu actors of all time

 5 Most Successful Telugu actors of all time

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Right after Hindi Cinema, if there is one Cinema that has led from the front, it has to be the Telugu Cinema. Indeed, the Telugu Cinema has produced some of the finest actors of this century. Whether we talk about Prabhas or any other actor, each of them has given their contribution to making the Telugu cinema better than before.

Right after the rise of Telugu cinema from the era of the 1940s, Tollywood started developing from a rustic age to the modern date Baahubali.

Well, let’s go ahead and discover the names of the most successful Telugu actors of all time.

Best & Most Successful Telugu Actors of all Time

1.Allu Arjun

Well, Allu Arjun is a fine Telugu actor where he has appeared in tons of the action films. Especially in the films such as Love tale and Arya, he nailed his role to perfection.

Also, the actor is famous for his acting skills and the kind of energy he brings into each of his roles. Further, he is considered as one of the best dancers in India and has amazed the audiences by his stunning audiences.

Altogether, his movies have always been commercial successes that have made him a brilliant actor in the Telugu industry.


Who can forget the Baahubali actor Prabhas who shook the entire cinema world with his brilliant performance? Yes, right now, the actor needs no introduction after his mammoth success in Baahubali series. Right now, he is one of the greatest Pan-Indian Superstars.

Altogether, he made his debut with the movie Eshwar that was a massive failure at the box office. However, later he appeared in the movie Varsham that gave him a massive success. Later, he did several hits from where his acting talent was recognized by the makers of Baahubali.

Right after he got the role in Baahubali, he became a global superstar from where he got tons of praise and awards for the film.

3.Pawan Kalyan

In case if you don’t know Pawan Kalyan is the younger brother of Chiranjeevi who is one of the biggest stars of Telugu cinema.

The actor made his debut with the film Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi that was a massive success. Audiences loved the film to the core and he got several awards for the film. Right at the beginning of his career, he acted in the side role from where his acting talent was clearly seen.

Also, for the period of 10 years, Pawan ruled the box office and his stardom in the Telugu cinema was unmatchable.

In 2012, his movie Gabbar Singh brought him major commercial success where he enjoyed immense fame.

Right now, he is into politics in Jana Sena Party where the fans love this actor to the absolute core.

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Nagarjuna made his debut with the film Vikram but the film didn’t perform as per the expectations.

Later, his first breakthrough film was the Maniratnam’s Geetanjali. This film gave Nagarjuna a face from where he rose to fame.

Right after that, as soon he bagged the role in Siva, the ever wanted Stardom was at Nagarjuna’s feet. The movie was a devotional one but the kind of acting Nagarjuna did, that was truly beyond expectations.

Also, the actor is famous for his simplicity and the way he acts is truly out of class. Even in the future, we may see his movies that can captivate the audiences to some good extents.

Final Word of Mouth

Wrapping up the entire article, I hope you have got the names of the most successful Telugu Actors of all time. Indeed, each of the actors has got their own true potential where they have struggled hard to be at the top.

Hence, if you haven’t watched the movies of the above actors, now is the time when you can watch their hit films. You will love the drama and with the amount of action-thriller Telugu movies possesses, every scene is bound to be breathtaking.

Therefore, go ahead, watch the movies of the above actors and fall in love with the Telugu cinema, all over again.



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