Zee Telugu Omkaram Yogakshemam Today Episode

 Zee Telugu Omkaram Yogakshemam Today Episode

Zee Telugu Omkaram Yogakshemam Today

Omkaram is a life changing program that airs on Zee Telugu. The television show which give solution to the people who are in problems or trouble. The solution to the problems is given by Devishree Guruji (Full Name is GURUJI SREE RAMASWAMY DEVISHREE). In this Omkaram people across two Telugu states call to Devishree and explain their problems they are facing, he gives solution to all the problems. This is a life changing program to many people who believe in him. The most important part of the program is Yogakshemam. Yogakshemam is a tip given at the end of the program. You can follow this anytime if you miss them. If we missed posting the Yoga kshemam any day. Please check back we will update it as soon as possible. In some cases we many not update it on particular day due to technical issues. Please bear with us.

Keep Visiting this page daily. We will update the videos everyday.

Zee Telugu Omkaram Today Episode Yogam Kshemam

Telugu Tv Show Omkaram - Full Cast and Crew             Zee TV Omkaram Devi Sri Guruji Helps Junior Artists | payin1.in    Zee Telugu Omkaram Guruji Name, Contact Number, Address, Details


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  • I have called many times but everytime I call its off

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