SriHari Wife Disco Shanti is Afraid of her Kids Future

 SriHari Wife Disco Shanti is Afraid of her Kids Future

Shanti, wife of actor Srihari, has given an interview to a media house. In an interview to Sakshi she narrated her life without her Srihari.

Though it’s been four years, she still can’t get over the loss of Srihari. Srihari’s death was all too sudden and that left Santhi completely shattered. Grief-stricken and rudderless, she took to intoxication and stopped taking food. As a result, her health deteriorated so much that she had to be taken to the hospital. In fact, her elder son carried her in his arms to the hospital. It was in the hospital that the thought as to what would happen to her children if she too died, came to her. So, she overcame the addiction and took up reins of the family again.

Even now, she is afraid of the future of the kids. She paid the fee for the coming three years for her younger son as she was uncertain what future hold for them. Santhi was teary eyed when she said he too might leave the kids midway like Srihari and said that very thought disturbs her very much.

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