Serial Actor Pavan Sai Photos | Bio | Wiki

 Serial Actor Pavan Sai Photos | Bio | Wiki

Serial Actor Pavan Sai Photos

Pawan Sai aka Eeswar is a South Indian TV celebrity who works mainly in prime time opera. He was born on August 27, 1987. He’s a native resident of Hyderabad, India. He was fond of playing right from youth which supported him to perform at his school in stage shows and skits. During his higher secondary education, he began playing in serials. Since he was 19 years old he’s been working with serials. His introduction serial was Happy Days. Afterwards he worked then and in Theeram serial in Mogali Rekulu serial. Mogali Rekulu was well-known serial which won awards for different classifications. It was aired on Gemini TV during weekdays at 8:30 PM. This serial finished 1376 episodes and began new series from an identical component named “ Sravana Sameeralu” and therefore Pawan worked in this series also in the exact same show time with exactly the same cast in exactly the same location. His part in Mogali Rekulu was with little villainy who happens to adore the female in lead character quite urgently and madly, getting trials to get her but all in vain. Whereas in Sravana Sameeralu, where he helps his mom to bring back all the lost riches and glory back to her life he happens to play the part of romantic yet epic character. Sravana Sameeralu Serial remains airing on Gemini TV weekdays at 8:30 PM where you can discover him in the part of Eeswar, which gave him so much folks that is popularity that began calling him Eeswar instead of his actual name Pawan Sai. Pawan Sai got engaged to Madhumathi and so wed on 24 th. He also occurred to play in films lately in artist characters and a modest parts. His recent film “Pure Love” is his introduction film in which he plays the lead character of male protagonist. He was accompanied with this picture as her debut picture, with celebrity Krithika, new to business. He intends to work on the silver screen while working in TV serials. He also participated in many TV shows like Bhale Chancele hosted by popular anchorman Suma Kanakala, Cash game show hosted by Suma Kanakala and Bangaru Kodi Petta show hosted by Uday Bhanu. He has been giving cash for NGO’s in his place and has been part of charity services. He got an adorable answer for smartness and his daring established through TV show “ One” which has three rounds of jobs which are suspense, horror and quiz. He demonstrated great attempt and won the prize money that was righteous. He also participated as a dancer in many occasions and in few shows as a celebrity judge. He’s also into modelling and has been working since the start of his career with commercial ads.

Serial Actor Pavan Sai Images

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