Manchu Vishnu Son Name Revealed

 Manchu Vishnu Son Name Revealed

On the first day of the new year, actor Vishnu Manchu and his wife Viranica became parents to a baby boy. This afternoon, Vishnu took to Twitter and revealed his son’s name. The Manchu couple named their son as Avram Bhakta Manchu. Avram means ‘One who cannot be stopped’.

Vishnu’s father and veteran hero Mohan Babu’s actual name is Manchu Bhaktavathsalam Naidu. In a touching gesture, Vishnu named his son after his father. Recently, Mohan Babu tweeted that he is spending all the time with his newborn grandson.

He Tweeted:

Ariaana calls him ‘Baby Lion’
Viviana calls him ‘ Baby Teddy Bear’
Rest of us call him అవ్రామ్ భక్త మంచు
Avram Bhakta Manchu

Avram means ‘One who cannot be stopped’

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