Hero Krishnam Raju Family Photos | Rare Pics

 Hero Krishnam Raju Family Photos | Rare Pics

Who is Sai Pradeepti, Krishnam Raju's Daughter? Wiki, BIO, Age, Husband, Mom, Sister, Birthday & More

Hero Krishnam Raju Family Photos

Uppalapati Venkata Krishnam Raju was born on 20 January 1940. He  is an actor, known for his works in Telugu cinema. He’s broadly referred to as Rebel Star for his performing fashion that was rebellious. He’s the winner of the inaugural Nandi Award for Best Actor. Krishnam Raju is starred in more than 183 feature films in his career. He made his movie debut with the 1966 Chilaka Gorinkaproduced and directed by Kotayya Pratyagatma. Raju has garnered three state Nandi Awards and five Filmfare Awards South. Krishnam Raju was born in Mogalthur, West Godavari District on 20 January 1940 to Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Raju. He had a wife before he wed Shyamala Devi in 1996. He’s three daughters. Film producer Suryanarayana Raju is Prabhas and his younger brother is the son of Suryanarayana Raju. Krishnam Raju worked as a journalist for the Andhra Patrika. He was given the Second Best Photographer in state grade. He’s fond of cameras and has a set of cameras. GopiKrishna Pictures are owned by him.

Krishnam Raju Family Photos

Krishnam Raju Dies At 82 Know About Krishnam Raju Family Life First Wife Second Wife Children | Krishnam Raju First Wife : కృష్ణంరాజు మొదటి భార్య ఎవరు? ఆవిడ ఎలా మరణించారు?        No photo description available.        కృష్ణంరాజు మృతితో ప్రభాస్ పై పడిన అతిపెద్ద బాధ్యత..ఇక అన్నితానై | the biggest responsibility on prabhas with the death of krishnam raju details, Prabhas ,death of Krishna Raju,Praseeda , krishnam ...

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Raju is also an active Politician. Krishnam Raju played in several smash hit movies such as Jeevana Tarangalu (1973), Krishnaveni (1974), Bhakta Kannappa(1976), Amaradeepam (1977), Sati Savitri (1978), Katakataala Rudraiah (1978), Mana Voori Pandavulu (1978), Rangoon Rowdy(1979), Shri Vinayaka Vijayamu (1979), Sita Ramulu (1980), Taxi Driver (1981), Trishulam (1982), Dharmaatmudu (1983),Bobbili Brahmanna (1984), Tandra Paprayudu (1986), Marana Sasanam (1987), Vishwanatha Nayakudu (1987), Antima Theerpu (1988),Bava Bavamaridi (1993), Palnati Pourusham (1994).After late 1990s, he became active in politics . He joined Bharatiya Janata Party and was elected to the 12th and 13th Lok Sabhafrom Kakinada and Narasapur constituencies. He served as a Minister of State for Ministry of External Affairs in the Third Vajpayee Ministry from 1999 to 2004. On 24 March 2009 Praja Rajyam Party has been joined by him. In 2009 State Assembly elections he fought for M.P. seat from Rajahmundry and had Murali Mohan as a leading adversary who fought on benefit of Telugu Desam Party.

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