Allu arjun brother allu bobby ex-wife Neelima got married

It is known that famous producer Allu Aravind has have three sons.elder son Bobby second son allu arjun third boy sirish.Allu Arjun Shirish is well known outside.But Aravind’s elder son Bobby is not known much.Recently he is producing back to back movies as a producer.But Bobby had two marriages.The first wife’s name is Neelima and they have a Girl.The couple broke up in 2018,After separating from his wife, Bobby got married for the second time.Her name is Neela Shah.But Anvitha stays with her parents two.Allu Arjun, Sneha, Sirish continues to bond well with Neelima despite breaking up with Bobby.Recently, Allu Arjun also made a Neelima noise in the birthday celebrations.Neelima also goes to the vacations with them.However, she has been leading her life alone for five years after being divorced.But yesterday Neelima also got married.Allu Arjun and sneha made a noise in this wedding.Sneha’s wedding video has been shared saying congratulations guys.Those who have seen the video are leaving comments giving best wishes to Neelima.

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